“Our Ministries….”

Church Ministry:-

"God Jesus Christ" called me (J.Praveen Kumar) with HIS voice and said to me as “I will use you (me) to build the many Churches in MY NAME.” (in the year 2008)

And in the Beginning God called me by my name with HIS Voice as “Praveen; Praveen; Praveen” and blessed me as “ I give Strength and Power to you (me)” (in the year 1998).

I started to serve HIM According to HIS calling, His Voice, And His Promised Blessings at wherever My God leads me to save the lost and help the needy in India for HIS glory.

We do the following types of Church Ministries:

1) We establish the Churches at remote areas.
2) Church worship in Houses.
3) Church Services on the roadsides.
4) Door to Door Church Service at needy areas.

Orphan's Ministry:-

In India, there are a lot of children’s are Orphans, semi Orphans and different types of poor financial backgrounds.
And in our areas, we always search for such type of Children’s and always we try to give their needy things from our sources which we have from our God freely.

At present we found nearly 30 Children’s (Some are Orphans, Semi Orphans and Poor Children’s).

At present, we don’t have (own orphans building ) Orphans Home because we don’t have any own land ( or building for any of our ministries) for any type of Ministries we do here in India.

We are praying and seeking HIM to open the financial ways to buy the land and construct the rooms for Church Ministries, Orphans Ministries, Widows Ministries, Prayer Ministries, Gospel Crusade purpose….

We always help them by giving our love and their needs from our sources what we have from our Heavenly Father!.

Kindly Pray for these Ministries that Our God opening the financial doors regularly to buy the land and construct the Orphans Home and support for their daily needy things and for their education needs too.

Widow's Ministry:-

At present we have nearly 50 widows and they need your regular prayers and financial support for having the Widows Home to stay all together for God’s glory and purpose.

We used to give some of their needy things according to what we have from God freely.

Kindly Pray for this Ministry that God bless them completely both physically and spiritually with the Own Permanent Shelters.

Street Road Ministry:-

We love this type of Ministry very much because we visit mostly remote and undeveloped areas and we use to conduct the Church service on the Road Sides ( Due to lack of own place and Church Buildings) and we used to visit house to house to proclaim about The Gospel of our God Jesus.

We with many kids and families used to go and reach the new souls and marching on the roads with Pamphlets and Singing and Praise and worship at Gentile areas for bringing them in to The Kingdom of God.

Gospel Crusades Ministry:-

Our aim is to reach all the people in every villages so we used to conduct the Gospel Crusades at Gentile areas and We always Focusing on Gentiles to turn them in to the light of the God Jesus by showing the love of God and Conduct the Open Christian Meetings.

Kindly Pray for this Ministry that our God helps us to conduct the many Gospel Crusade Meeting in every village without any persecution from anyone (like Government Side, Gentiles Side…etc).

Pamphlets/Tracks/Audio-Video Distribution:-

We are focusing on the Gentile people and to save them at any cost in Jesus name. So we love to reach them by giving the tracks of God in their own languages and giving the Audio and Video CD’s of our God in the form of an easy way to understand the love of God and about the Salvation.

Kindly Pray for this Ministry that our God helps us to reach the many souls with new tracks and Audio –Video CD’s.

So that many will know about our God Jesus and HIS name is always glorified through whatever we do for HIM. Amen.!


God calls us to show the love and give the love to those who needs and we always love to give our help to the eligible people from our Sources what we have freely from our God.

We Give Our Help To The Following Areas:

1) Giving the help to the Poor Pastors/Servants of God.
2) Giving the help to the Poor Christian families.
3) Giving the help to those who falls under Sudden attacks like Tsunami, earth-quakes..etc.,
4) Giving the help by PRAYER (Mobile Prayer Help)
5) Strengthen the people by the Word of God and fellowship.

We Focus and Give Our Help To The Following Areas also:

(1) Feel Unloved
(2) Feel Rejected--either by their loved ones or by society
(3) Helpless and Hopeless
(4) Those who strive to get ahead and no matter what they do, they still live in poverty
(5) The depressed
(6) Drug Addicts
(7) The Alcoholics
(8) The Unwed Mothers.